Children’s Law Center of California

Children’s Law Center of California (CLC) is a nonprofit, public interest law firm that provides legal representation for tens of thousands of children impacted by abuse and neglect. We provide an unparalleled level of expertise in and out of the courtroom. Our highly skilled, passionate, and committed attorneys, investigators, and support staff fight to ensure the well-being and future success of our clients through a multi-disciplinary, independent and informed approach to advocacy. We are a powerful voice for our clients fighting for family reunification, permanence, educational opportunity, health and mental health services, self-sufficiency, and overall well-being. We are a driving force in local, statewide, and national policy change and child welfare system reform. The Robert Nelson Foundation is honored to help in this wonderful cause by providing a recent gift of $15,000.

Thank you for this amazing donation. Our clients are so fortunate to have you in their corner.

Stephanie Talavera

Development Manager, Children's Law Center of California